2009 MIU Color Catalog (~3mb PDF)


Mandoline Owners Manual

90737 Mach 3 (378kb PDF)

90757 Mach 5 (627kb PDF)

90767 Mach 6 (452kb PDF)

90777 Mach 7 (378kb PDF)

90787 Mach 8 (386kb PDF)

90797 Mach 9 (363kb PDF)

3978 Stainless V-Slicer (booklet PDF, print and fold to create original manual)

3978 Stainless V-Slicer (Single sided print PDF)

PepPour Peppermill (96kb PDF File)

Electronic Thermometer (259kb PDF file)

Food Mill (36kb PDF File)

Click here for Part 1 "Knowing Your Mandoline" Video (Best w/ hi-speed internet) 8.49mb

Click here for Part 2 "Using Your Mandoline" Video (Best w/ hi-speed internet) 7.73mb

Click here for "How to make x-cross fries" Video (Best w/ hi-speed internet) 2.57mb

Click here for 90717 V-Slicer Video (Best w/ hi-speed internet) 6.11mb





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